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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Slow Sewing Sunday

With the binding of my new quilt all pinned in place, today was a slow sewing kind of day.  The plan to sit outside on the patio, shaded from the summer sun under our large umbrella while enjoying my stitching time just never happened.  Summer deserted us today, after a gorgeous day yesterday.  The  cold wind was blowing, a few showers passed by, so there was no sitting outside for me.  Instead I set myself up at the dining table. 

Stitching at the dining table

Everything was at hand.  My pin container – check, small scissors – check, thread catcher – check.  It’s a bed quilt, so stitching the binding down by hand will take a while.  But this is a rather restful task to do, so I’ll take my time, and enjoy it, every step of the way.  And I don’t have to finish the job in one day, do I?



Kate said...

Hand stitching the binding is a relaxing task - enjoy it. It's a shame you couldn't work on it outdoors today.

Nancy J said...

it began to blow here about lunch time, a few cool mornings, the leaves are changing colour already, and strawberries keep fruiting. Lovely quilt, Jenny.

Maria said...

Enjoy your hand stitching Jenny and No you can take as long as you like..😁

Tawa said...

Yes, the wind was back in Palmy too, but the showers skipped us by. Thank goodness for Saturday, lovely, sunny and warm. Have a great week sewing down your binding.

Sue @ Quilting the Green Star said...

Hello Jenny,
That looks like a really pretty quilt, I love pink and green together. Ohhh I do so envy you even a little bit of sun and warmth.. It is so cold and grey here, but spring flowers are showing in the garden and the days are lighter in the mornings. Thank you for visiting my blog and you kind comment,
Happy quilting,

Jenny said...

Thank you ladies, I always enjoy this final step of quilt maaking.

Tarnia - you appear as a "non reply blogger" so I cannot email you back.

loulee said...

There is something very satisfying about taking the time to sit and hand stitch the binding.

Janice said...

Some don't like hand stitching the binding, but I quite enjoy it. It is rather mindless, so you don't need to concentrate too much and I find it seems to go forever, then all of a sudden it is nearly finished. That is the best bit - the quilt is then finished. A great feeling. Enjoy the process.