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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What’s a Quilter to do…..

What’s a quilter to do when her sewing machine is away getting serviced?  It’s not as if I actually sit down and sew every single day of the week, but when it’s not there you certainly miss it.

So, I’ve been making a list of what I really want to get done when my machine comes home.

I’ve been checking out various projects to see that all the components are there.

A little unpicking has taken place and a whole lot of pinning.

Last but not least, I’ve got my quilt documentation folder up to date.  I hadn’t written up about several of the smaller items I finished later last year, so that is now done and printed off.  And I’ve rummaged around to find swatches of fabrics used, cut them neatly and added to the appropriate pages.

Now I’ll just wait patiently until I get the call to come and collect my machine, and I’ll be all set to sew again.


TheEclecticAbuela said...

You need a small, back-up machine for emergencies--quilt emergencies! :)

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

I was thinking that too! I have three of my own and four more belonging to the shop. When my Bernina blew up a few weeks ago, Iws so relieved to have another one to keep going on with. But then I had a deadline. I hope it is running like a dream!

Maria said...

Yep you do Jenny need a backup machine.. I would be lost if I didn't have a machine while my big one is at the doctors for a check up...
You have made good use of your machine free time though.

Janice said...

Very organised. You will have to share your Quilt Folder one day. It sounds like a great idea. Let's hope your machine is back before long and you can start working on all your planned projects.

Unknown said...

Could you show a picture of the form you use for your projects folder? I would like to start one and not sure how to set it up. Love your blogs. Thanks, Geri from the U.S.