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Friday, February 12, 2016

Town and Country Quilters February Club Night

It’s been such a long time since our Christmas Club Night – way back in December.  But the monthly meetings have now started again, and it was great to attend and catch up with everyone.  Our speaker for the evening was Lynne, one of our very talented club members, who spoke about colour.  She stressed the value of constructing our blocks with lights, darks, with brights and a little zinger, and had many groupings of fabrics to illustrate her point.  This was a lesson I learnt in my early quilting adventures, when I made a sampler quilt, diligently choosing fabrics for each block and thinking how pretty they looked.  It wasn’t until the quilt was completed – and all hand quilted too, that I realised that there wasn’t enough contrast in the fabrics.  I didn’t realise while working so closely on the project that all those pretty colours just blended together when the quilt was viewed from further away.

Show and Tell is always a highlight of our meetings and there were some lovely quilts on display.  Jan brought along this very pretty star quilt which she had made for her niece’s 21st birthday.

Made for a 21st birthday gift

Grand children are special and deserve special quilts to welcome them into the family.  Kaye made this bright and cheerful quilt for a new grandson.

For a new grandson

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we had a new segment for our Show and Tell, and invited members to bring along a heart quilt to show, not necessarily a new quilt.  Did you know that Valentine’s Day is named for the Christian Saint Valentinus?  He was imprisoned for ministering to the persecuted Christians and for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to marry.  According to legend during his imprisonment he healed the daughter of his jailer.  Just before his execution he wrote her a letter of farewell, signed “your Valentine”.  We had ten or so quilts on show with a heart theme, including my one “Hearts of Love”, made for our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Hearts of Love

This was a trial at our meeting, to see what the response would be.  The idea is that we will continue this at our monthly meetings, choosing a different category each month, and gives some of our older quilts a chance to be shown and admired again.


Kate said...

Very enjoyable post, Jenny!

Jenny said...

Thank you Kate.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Isn't that red and white quilt beautiful. What a talented group you ladies are.

Janice said...

Thanks for the Valentines Day trivia. We never knew that. Lovely quilts for show and tell

Nancy J said...

Lovely quilt, and I, too, was told you need a little yellow or bright to Zing up every quilt.

Jenny said...

Thank you ladies - hearts have always been a favourite of mine. So it was great to show off my heart quilt again. I usually have it on our bed for the month of November, our anniversary month, but will pop in back on again to celebrate Valentine's Day this week.