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Monday, February 29, 2016

Rolling the Dice

With the weekend spent away in the caravan at Lutz farm in Otaki, I didn’t have the chance sit at my sewing machine and work away on my Amanda Jean apron.  But we had a fun filled country weekend, and if you would like to see what we got up to, check out our other blog here.  And, believe it or not -  yours truly won the milking contest, not too bad for a girl from suburbia!

A new week, and another roll of the dice.  This time the dice fell on number 5, which is a new project I’m starting for my grand-daughter Emma.  She loves horses, and requested a black and grey quilt.  That’s a bit dull, I thought, so I’m sneaking in some of a pretty red/blue batik  in too, for contrast.  I’ve been gathering blacks and greys for a while now, so it’s a good time to start.  There will be horses involved in this quilt, but not till I’m much further along with the blocks.

At the moment I will concentrate on making 9 patch units, and cut lots of strips to to make a start.  Although I have quite a lot of plain black, I decided to use that just as the centre square of the 9 patch, and purchased lots of black fabrics with patterns,  for variety.

Strips cut and ready to sew

And after a couple of hours spent stitching strips together, pressing, then slicing, this is what I’ve got to show.  Next step will be pinning some of those 9 patch blocks together so they will be ready for my next session at the sewing machine. 

On the cutting board

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Nancy J said...

I do like those fabrics, and subtle contrast. Lots cooler up here tonight.