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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Roll of a Dice

No – I’m definitely not a gambler with a problem, let me assure you.  But I’ve heard about a way to deal with those UFOs which never seem to get worked on.   I’m one of life’s butterflies and tend to flit from one project to another so I’m hoping this variation of what I’ve read on the Internet might well suit me.

So…….. what I’m going to do is list six UFOs.  (You don’t have any?  Don’t tell me that!)  Then each week with a roll of the dice, that will be the one I will work on during that week.  And so it will go each week.  Another roll of the dice, another UFO, and another week to work on it.  It’s unlikely that I will finish one of these UFOs in a week, but if I do, then I’ll add another UFO to the list.  How does that sound?

My six chosen projects are:

1:  Burgundy quilt for our caravan
2:  Amanda Jean apron
3:  Maple Leaf wall hanging
4:  Little Letters quilt
5:  Black/grey quilt for grand-daughter Emma
6:  Duvet cover

Projects 1-4 are in various stages of construction, while 5 and 6 are new projects. 

6 UFOs, ready and waiting

And yes, I have more than six UFOs tucked away.  How many?  I not counting because I really don’t want to know the answer to that.  But I’ve got plenty to keep adding to my list as time goes by.  And I must tell you – I was astounded when I read that my pen friend Carol stopped counting hers when she reached 70 or so – I’m sure I haven’t got that many!

This relates to machine sewing only, of course.  I plan to give myself permission to do hand stitching and knitting when ever I want.

It goes without saying that the amount of time spent sitting at the sewing machine will vary considerably, week by week.  It all depends of social outings, appointments, trips away in the caravan, and a myriad of other things which cut into stitching time, such as housework laundry and cooking.  But by focusing on one thing only each week, I hope to accomplish a little more than I have been doing lately.  Wish me luck.

And the first number rolled is…….2, my Amanda Jean apron.  More about that tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

That is a wonderful plan, I wonder how I would cope with just one given UFO, and having to finish it before rolling the dice again? Lovely and cool up here lately, some welcome rain. Even so the garden needs watering.

Jenny said...

Oh no Jean, I don't have to finish any particular UFO in the week - just work on it. Then next week, roll the dice again, which will give me another number, and work on that one for a week. This plan should give me some variety in sewing, and hopefully spur me along.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I think that's a great idea, Jenny. Your projects all look great too. I find writing about my projects in the blog spurs me on to get things done. Having an audience, I guess. So we'll be watching. LOL

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Eep, I had a big clean out of my studio last week and in doing so, was reminded of all the baskets of quilts, or really, fabric pieces cut for quilts but not done anything to, or just the jelly rolls for it, or really, not even UFOs yet. But I really rather love them all so I am not giving up on them yet. I have n time to quilt right now but I will try this later in the year hen things calm down again (she says optimistically!)because I think it is a great idea for reinspiring oneself, clever Jenny!