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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sew Wots 200th Birthday!

It was a very special Sew Wot’s day on Tuesday, as the group was celebrating their 200th meeting – can we call it our 200th birthday?  And to celebrate, we gave ourselves a little present!  Everyone brought along a wrapped fat quarter which was placed in a bag, and we all had a dig and a delve and pulled one out.  What a lovely variety there was, everyone was very happy with their little gift.  I received a lovely piece of Japanese fabric.

P9150025We all got to choose a fat quarters from the bag

And that wasn’t all – Mary had a little gift for us all too.  She had been going through her  bits and pieces of crotchet cotton and made a whole lot of pretty book marks. We got to choose one – it’s no surprise that the pretty blue book mark was my choice.

P9150027    Mary had made us each a pretty book mark

As if that wasn’t excitement enough, Moira had put on an extra special morning tea to celebrate our 200th meeting, with a little help from Carol.  We had hot savouries, dainty sandwiches, pikelets, tiny coconut cup cakes, and a cream sponge.  What a great spread.

P9150030Morning tea

With such an exciting morning, there was not a great deal of hand work taking place, just a little stitching and knitting. As the newest member of this group, it was interesting to learn about the history.  Starting in mid 2006, the ladies have enjoyed making several quilts together over the years, a Row by Row, a Japanese themed block of the month quilt, and a Round Robin quilt.  Moira brought out her   Round Robin quilt to show me – and everyone reminisced about the particular round they did on this quilt.  The "Dancing Dollies" on the top border signify each Sew Wot member participating.

P9150024 Moira’s Round Robin quilt

It was a very special morning  indeed, and I am so pleased that I am part of this group of wonderful ladies.  House groups are very special indeed.


Kate said...

Such a wonderful 200th birthday party!! :)

NickiJ said...

I love your group of sew wots! Especially love those afternoon treats :)