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Friday, September 4, 2015

Nature’s Bounty from the Freezer

We had a great crop of tomatoes last summer, so some got put away in the freezer, after I had blanched them to remove the skins.  There they sat for months, and every time I went into the freezer I wondered what on earth I would do with my large container of tomatoes.  Yesterday was cold and chilly, and I had a hankering to make some soup for lunch.  Tomatoe soup, I decided.  So the box was retrieved from the freezer, and I flicked through a few cook books.  I’d never actually made tomatoe soup before – but how hard could it be?

P9030007 Full of good tasty recipes

Actually, it wasn’t hard at all.  In went the tomatoes, chopped onion, a little of this herb and some of that, garlic, salt and pepper and it simmered away for the prescribed time.  Then I got the stick wand out and very carefully zapped the tomatoes to make it all nice and smooth.  And I’m pleased to say that I didn’t lift it out with the motor still running, so didn’t splatter the soup all over myself.

P9030006  Home made tomatoe soup

I’m not too keen on tinned tomatoe soup as I find it a  bit sharp tasting, but my home made soup was delicious, I’m pleased to say.  So delicious that I just had to have another helping!  Don’t know why I’ve never made it before – it is easy to make and really tasty.  So that is another soup variation  to add to my repertoire.

With a couple of quilt finishes lately, I spent a little time writing up the details with photos, printing the pages and adding fabric swatches.  These are now put away in my quilt documentation  folders.  I’m up to date with new quilts, but still have a backlog of older quilts to document.  One day I'll be completely caught up, I hope.

P9040010 Folders for my quilts documentation


Nancy J said...

Lovely cover for your quilt book, and tomato soup whizzed up, perfect, today is cold and wet!!!

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

I have that book too! And I've never made tomato soup from scratch either, intriguing.

NickiJ said...

Making tomato soup and marking up your quilt journal, sounds like bliss to me! I've never made tomato soup before either, sounds like yours tasted great. Will you freeze your tomatoes again next season?

Jocelyn Thurston said...

I make tomato soup all the time Jenny. You are right, there is no comparison to the tinned. I'm very interested in your quilt documentation. What a great idea. It will give you so much satisfaction to look back over all you have made. If you are like me, I forget some of them.