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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just a little sewing

So what have I been doing today?  Just a little sewing, trying to clear up the backlog.  First I finished up some “secret sewing” for a gift, so I have to keep that under wraps for a little longer.  But the pieces have been sitting on my sewing cabinet for a wee while, and kept reminding me to just get on and finish it.  Which I have done now, I’m pleased to say.  The job didn’t take too long at all, and it made me wonder why I procrastinated so long.

Next up was a new bag for the caravan from parka nylon, not at all glamorous, I hasten to add.  This is to store our (rolled up) rubber door mats in, which keeps us from tracking mud inside the caravan.  The previous bag was made some years ago, and had finally given up the ghost with a large rip appearing in the bottom.  First I had to find some more parka nylon, and couldn’t get quite the colour I was after, so settled for red instead of burgundy.  I made the new bag a little larger and here we are, all finished.  It won’t win any prizes for beauty, but does the job of containing our often damp and muddy rubber mats, which are then stored away in a locker under the caravan.

P9240008 The new bag for muddy rubber mats

P9240007Oops, a big hole appeared in the old bag

Once again, this job didn’t take too long, just a bit of quick sewing and it was all done and dusted.  Perhaps I can sew something a little more prettier next time?


Allison said...

I like the term 'secret sewing' Jenny - I must remember that for my blog :)
I've just got back into sewing and am so enjoying it.

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Practical and a gorgeous colour too - definitely a win!