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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Allcomers Stitching Day

“Come one – come all”, and they did, to the new venture for my quilt club, a day spent stitching together with fellow club members.  To someone navigationally challenged like me, my quest was to find the hall – not only one I had never heard of, but was also tucked down a driveway.  In my defence, I should state that we have only been living here for a couple of years, so there are still places I need to discover.  I arrived in good time to find the hall humming with ladies, setting themselves up on tables, chatting away, and getting ready for a good day’s stitching.

P9140013 All set for a good days sewing

As I had never been to this particular hall before, I didn’t take my sewing machine as I wasn’t sure of the availability of tables and power points.  I needed have worried, as there seemed to be plenty of room for those with machines.  Although I happily worked on my hand stitching all day, and perhaps next time I’ll take my sewing machine for the day.  My Sew Wot buddies Pam and Rae arrived in time for lunch, and I was intrigued with the tassel on Pam’s embroidery scissors.

P9140014 Pam’s scissors and fancy tassel

There was lots of lovely work going on around the hall, and most were happy for me to take a few photos as they told me the stories behind their projects.  Such as this wonderful “Op Shop” find of a set of six hand embroidered blocks  which she is surrounding with colourful scrap squares.  It makes you wonder how these lovely embroideries ended up being given to the shop – perhaps family didn’t want (or appreciate) their relative’s hand work when she passed on?

P9140018 Janneke making another charity quilt

Chloe was busy assembling not one but two soft fabric books for new babies in the family.  Made from fabric panels, these books have a decidedly New Zealand flavour.

P9140022Chloe’s books for grand-children

I sat with Kath who had also attended the Sunday Sashiko class, and we hand stitched away on our projects together.  There is no doubt that our quilt club’s first stitching day as a great success, with 17 people attending.  The plan is to have alternate weekday and weekends each month, so that those working will be able to attend as well.


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I often find embroidered pictures or tablecloths at a thrift shop and I can never understand why or how they wind up there. I always say it is us who do this kind of work that really appreciate it. Isn't it great to see what everyone is stitching.

NickiJ said...

It's always fun to spend the day with like minded sewers in a different setting. You become really motivated and the ideas just keep on flowing.