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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Part Two – Kapiti Coast Quilters Exhibition

Continuing on – we wandered around the hall looking at even more wonderful quilts.  The afternoon got busier as more and more ladies had the same idea as us.  Now, what’s around the next corner?  It was a lovely 1930s quilt, called “1930s Stashbuster”, stitched by Robyn Burch.  Lots of pretty 1930s fabrics here, and the quilt featured a centre panel of flowers and bluebirds, and was nicely finished off with the soft spotty fabric used in the border.  I’ve got a few 1930s fabrics tucked away somewhere, but certainly not enough to make a lovely large bed quilt like this.

P5160035 1930s Stashbuster, by Robyn Burch

“Roses are Red” was listed as another stash reducing quilt, this one stitched by Robin Goring.  Made in red and cream to match the soft furnishings, and the couched rose was added to match the pattern on the border and duvet.  What a clever idea – that rose really adds a little something extra to the quilt.

P5160043 Roses are Red,  by Robyn Goring

And this one is what we have been looking for, made by our friend Shirley who was still on duty at the front desk.  Shirley was inspired by a book by Nancy Mahoney about combining different blocks in a quilt.  And, she proudly told us, it used up the blues and golds from her stash.

P5160053Star Crossed, by Shirley Morison

I’m a real fan of big bed quilts, but there were also several smaller quilts which caught my eye.  Such as the bright and colourful “Spotted”, by Sheryl Meech, full of cute looking cats on a bright pink background.  Just look at those happy faces!

P5160038 Spotted, by Sheryl Meech

I’m not generally a fan of orange, but “Wild Flowers” by Bobby Duncan is smart and sophisticated.  I loved the idea of the  different shades used in the background, with autumn leaves cascading down.  And the machine quilting is just spectacular.

P5160049Wild Flowers, by Bobby Duncan

And to finish our tour around the exhibition, I just loved looking at “Mrs Zebra”, by Judy Boyle.  Mmmm, wonder how hard it was to get all those stripes in the right place?  I think it’s great!

P5160055  Mrs Zebra, by Judy Boyle

My friend Robyn and I really enjoyed the exhibition, and it was interesting that we both really liked different quilts - all a matter of colour preferences, I’m sure.  Well done, Kapiti Coast Quilters.  Guess since I haven’t had a phone call, I haven’t been one of the lucky raffle winners?  One day I really will win one of those lovely baskets packed full of all sorts of goodies!


Nancy J said...

Wow, what wonderful talented quilters there, and every one a winner, in my eyes. The options are still out there for Boris, waiting till tomorrow's visit to Wgn spinal clinic!!! And you know who has said a " Big Fat Yes"!!

loulee said...

I love a quilt show, thank you for sharing.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Jenny What stunning quilts in your last three posts. I can't say which is a favourite, they are all so accomplished and real beauties. I also loved to see the gorgeous free motion stitching since now I am attempting that myself. Like you say though, I think the choice of colours is everything.