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Monday, May 4, 2015

Four weeks on the Road

After four weeks travelling 1500kms around our beautiful country, it was nice to arrive home again.  We are so lucky to be living here in such a beautiful country, lovely scenery, and a country free from strife.  While we have been travelling and seeing lots of beautiful sights, caught up with rellies and friends, and I got to check out two “new to me” quilt shops on our travels too.  But sometimes it is the little things which bring a smile to my face.  Let me share some with you.

P4190008 Talking to this little piggy at Fitzgerald Glade, with a face only a Mother could love
 P4160065  A line of washing drying in the sunshine – a necessary job even while on holiday

P4150020Dining out with our travel companions

P4120007 Walking up to the Tarawera Falls

P4208797 Getting up close to a New Zealand Falcon

P4210103Rail Cruising in Rotorua

P42700175 pumpkins for $4, purchased at Whakatane, and carefully carried all the way home

And just check out this wonderful scenery

P4230059Mt Ruapehu from Waiouru
 P4020012 Lake Tutira

P3298660Boardwalk through the Pekapeka Wetlands

P4210086Our caravans on a misty morning

P4170009The shear cliffs of Karangahake Gorge Road 

P4160050And to finish – a silly sign

1 comment:

Nancy J said...

What a wonderful trip you have had, every photo brings memories to me of when we travelled so many years ago. But... always so good to be home again.