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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Luscious Lemons

I was kindly given a big bag of lemons from a friend recently, and have juiced some and frozen the juice in an ice cube container.  I like to keep a container of water, lemon juice and a couple of sprigs of mint in the fridge to drink during the day.  But I kept several of the lemons to make some delicious Lemon Honey.  It’s such an easy microwave recipe, and always seems to work – which is a bonus!

Tucked away in MIL’s kitchen cupboard was a handy plastic gadget.  Probably called a “jam funnel” or something similar.  Robin insisted we give it a new home because I always seem to get in such a mess when I’m filling hot jam jars.  It certainly worked well when I was pouring the lemon honey into the jars.

P5040007 Using the vintage jam funnel

The lemon honey recipe only makes a small amount, I got two jars plus the left over in a jam dish.  Yum – that will be tasty on a piece of toast at breakfast time!

P5040008 Luscious lemon honey


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Yum indeed! It's always a strangely small amount isn't it, but as it doesn't last very long, and never gets much chance to, it's not such a bad thing really.
But I confess that lemon honey is one of my absolute favourite spreads. And fillings!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE could we have the recipe?

It looks and sounds delicious.