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Saturday, May 9, 2015

New Quilt Shop in Palmy

There’s nothing like a new quilt shop opening up to get the local quilters excited!  Aimee’s Homestead Quilts is in rural Palmerston North, and we took a trip up that way recently.  After attending to an appointment or two in the area, and an enjoyable lunch date with our grand-daughter, I was pleased that we still had time to check out the new quilt shop before heading home.


P5080029 Quilty goodness through these doors

Aimee herself was not in residence, she was busy setting up as a merchant or the popular “Tote and Gloat” show over the weekend.  But Aimee’s Mum was only too happy to tell me how the shop started, and show me around.  Yes, I could take photos, but keep her out of them, she told me!

P5080023 Quilt on the wall with a Pacifica flavour


P5080028 Views of the new shop

Several smaller rooms open up from the main shop, chock full of threads, haberdashery items, all sorts of things a quilter could need.  A nice range of batiks caught my eye, and there are a range of aprons and place mats which would make a nice gift.  Plus a handy area to park your husband, complete with comfy seating, with a TV and blokes magazines for him to flick through while you give the credit card a bit of a work-out.  Do check it out if you are driving by.

P5080026 Waiting area for husbands


Nancy J said...

I have driven past and seen Aimee's lovely sign near the main road, so that visit is a must next time. Are you off to ToteNGloat? We will be home .

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh it looks fantastic and I LOVE the husband area!!