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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Visit to Cottage Flair

One of the nicest quilt shops I had ever been to had moved, so a visit to Cottage Flair in their new premises was high on my list of things to do in Rotorua.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  The friendly staff welcomed me into the shop, and were happy for me to snap some photos too.  The new shop is just as nice as ever, but much bigger, with a lovely light and airy feel to it.

P4200023 Entrance to Cottage Flair, Rotorua

Just in the door was a great display of quilts with New Zealand icons, from sheep, flax, a kereru, and tiki.  A selection of NZ patterns and the fabrics for visitors to our country to make their own masterpieces were nearby.

P4200024 NZ quilts, fabrics and patterns

And look, just around the corner is a cafe where you can park your husband while you continue to browse this lovely shop. Called “Coffee and a Yarn”,  Robin was quite happy sitting reading the local newspaper while I continued getting my quilty fix of the morning.

P4200025Robin in the handy cafe

Fabric, patterns, books and magazines, there was so much to look at.  And all was so beautifully displayed.

P4200031  Fabrics and patterns

It’s no secret that I love Christmas things, so I spent a lot of time in  this festive corner.  As I looked at all the samples and patterns I kept thinking, oh, I like that, and that, and that one is so cute too!

P4200029Christmas corner

There was such a lot to see, and I especially loved the quilts artfully hanging from the ceiling, and the pretty bunting everywhere.  The shop has a great selection of wool, buttons, felt, and everything that you would expect to find.  Do check it out if you are passing by, or go to their website at www.cottageflair.co.nz


Nancy J said...

I didn't know they had moved, the last time I visited was still at Ngongotaha. Did you really come out with nothing???

Kate said...

Looks splendid, Jenny, thanks for sharing your visit.

Allison said...

I love going to quilt shops on my travels. This shop looks beautiful. Did you buy much? I was lucky to be in Christchurch before the earthquake and found some wonderful NZ themed fabrics. I came home and made a quilt top. Will finish it one day :)

Jenny said...

Sad to say, but I often have trouble in shops! There is always so much beautiful stock to look at, that I get a bit overwhelmed and just can't decide. Believe it or not, all I came away with was a quilt magazine, plus I placed an order for a Christmas pattern which has to be bought in for me.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Jenny, Love this shop; was that a redwork Santa quilt in the Christmas section. Just adore redwork and it is so pretty for Christmas. The best tho is where you got to park Robin. I always buy Tony a coffee and "set him up" with a treat and paper so I can browse without feeling rushed when we shop together.

NickiJ said...

Ha, Ha, I loved how you parked Robin!! That made me lol!!