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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday Remnants Night

I enjoy attending  the monthly Remnants Nights.  But sometimes other commitments conspire to get in the way.  Like attending a caravan club rally at the conclusion of our four week holiday.  But, I decided, if I drive down from Himatangi Beach on Friday night, I can put in an appearance.  It’s a bit like enjoying the best of both worlds.  Eight happy ladies were enjoying the monthly Friday night stitching group, sitting around the tables together.

Both Vickie and Janelle were working on their own version of Lucy Boston’s English paper piecing pattern, Patchwork of the Crosses.  But interestingly, both were using different methods with their papers.  Vickie likes to tack hers down, while Janelle uses glue.  There is a lot of precise work going on with this design, but both girls love this type of thing.

P4240008 Janelle’s version of Patchwork of the Crosses

Sandra was hurrying to finish her quilt.  With a new grand-child expected in the next week or two, the machine quilting needed to be completed, then the binding stitched on.  There are lots of pretty hearts on this quilt to welcome the baby into the family.

P4240011For a new grand-child

Kaye was making a fabric book, she had found two of these panels in her stash, she said.  There was a wee bit of confusion on how exactly it all went together.  Read the instructions, she was advised!

P4240010Kiwi Counting book

And some little girl will be really happy to get a cute Minnie Mouse cushion for her birthday.  Prospective member Wendy is finishing off the buttonhole stitch appliqué on this lovely gift for her grand-daughter.

P4240009  Minnie Mouse cushion

As it was a fleeting visit I didn’t take any hand work to do.  But I caught up with what everyone else was doing, made a cup of coffee, and enjoyed a piece of Mary’s home made cream sponge, topped with whipped cream and passion-fruit.  Then I drove back to the motor camp to continue with our weekend caravan rally.  Hopefully next month I’ll be able to enjoy Remnants night in full.

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