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Friday, April 17, 2015

Looking for the quilt shop

Three weeks into our current caravan trip, and we arrived today in the town of Paeroa.  Imagine my delight when I spotted a sign above “Patches and Cream” quilt shop.  Oh goody – as soon as we are organised on site with our caravan, you can be sure I’ll be back to check out the shop.  I didn’t even know that there was a quilt shop in Paeroa!

P4170017 Sign spotted as we drove through Paeroa

The caravan was soon put on site, legs wound down, plugged into power, and it was time for lunch.  We checked out where the facilities were, for future use, including the ever important laundry room.  Then we took the short drive downtown, looking for that quilt shop sign.  Mmm, the shop should be around here somewhere, I thought to myself.  But although I walked up and down the street,  it was nowhere to be seen.  So I crossed the road, and soon found that sign.  But underneath the sign, the shop was long gone, taken over by a sports shop, it seemed.  What a shame – no quilty fabric fix for me today.

Although Paeroa doesn’t have a quilt shop any more, it does have a claim to fame - home to the  “world famous in New Zealand” Lemon and Paeroa drink, known by everyone as L & P.  It all started with an underground spring of mineral water and by 1907 commercial bottling was started, with the addition of lemon flavouring.  This product remains an iconic Kiwi soft drink to this day, and visitors to the town like to stop and have their photo taken with the “Big Bottle” standing proudly at Ohinemuri Park.  As we did, with help from a friendly young Mum who agreed to take our photo for us.

P4170024Posing with the Big Bottle of L & P


Lis Harwood said...

As I started to read your post I though "she's going to be disappointed"! So many quilt shops have closed down, here as well as in NZ. We were disappointed when we visited Paeroa too as so many of the interesting antiquey junk shops seem to have gone too. Never mind, I'm sure you'll find lots more to interest you on your travels.

Nancy J said...

Every place needs a quilting shop, but the bottle, a sure sign where you are. My uncle, way back in the 1940's or 50's, or somewhere there, built a huge dealership garage there, maybe the Ford one. Or so I think from memory.

Pip said...

No-not long gone but recently closed sadly.She moved 2 times within the town to escape rising rents,although I don't know the ultimate reason for closure. Quilt/haberdashery shops have recently closed in Waihi, Katikati (township)and Te Puke also :-(.
But Katipatch Quilting shop at 113 Pukakura Rd, off Beach Rd, Katikati STILL open though-a must visit!

Jenny said...

Thank you for that info Pip. So many interesting little shops are closing - it is such a shame.
I have yet to visit Katipatch shop - hopefully one day.