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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Sew Wots came calling

Today was my day to host the fortnightly Sew Wot get-together, and I had been busy baking.  I know the experts say to never cook  new untried  recipes when guests are due, but I couldn’t help myself.  I made a different version of the old favourite Ginger Crunch, and this one had rolled oats in the base, which made it nice and crunchy.  And I’m pleased to say that the apple and walnut cake worked our fine too.

Seven of the ladies came calling - it was a bit of a tight squeeze as we only have a small lounge, but we found room for everyone.  Pam likes to sit and chat and not bother with sewing, and that is fine.  Heather E was busy stitching diamonds and teensy tiny triangles together, she does like to keep busy, she always says.  And Moira was quietly working away on one of her William Morris appliqué blocks.  In between the busy fingers there was plenty of chatter going on, as we all seem to do.

Carol brought along some Show and Tell – two lovely kiddies quilts to be donated to Ronald McDonald House.  We all loved the baby quilt, done in soft and pretty 1930s fabrics with pretty stitchery blocks and finished off with Carol’s very first attempt at Suffolk Puffs.  Such a pretty little quilt indeed, and the photo doesn’t do those colours justice.

P3170001 1930s quilt for Ronald McDonald House

Carol had also made an Eye Spy quilt, full of all sorts if interesting things just waiting for a child to discover.  Ronald McDonald House will be very pleased to accept Carol’s  donation, I’m sure.

P3170002Carol made this Eye Spy quilt too

I know all about having long standing UFO projects tucked away, but I think Heather B’s current project is older than my oldies lurking in the cupboard.  She confessed that she started making a couple of cushions for her daughter, for her 10th birthday.  That birthday has long gone, and the daughter is coming up for 40!  The cushions have been brought out again, and now will be given to Heather’s grand-daughters instead.  The pattern is quite different, it features embroidery on the front and pockets to tuck little soft toys in.  It certainly sounds intriguing, and I hope we see the finished cushions before they go to their new homes.

P3170004  Tiny soft toys to get tucked away in the cushion

As well as working on finishing the embroidery on her Op Shop bargain tablecloth, Mary had a surprise for us.  She had organised the 2015 Sew Wot Challenge for us all.

P3170003 Mary handing out the Challenge to the two Heathers

Firstly she got us to choose a cotton reel.  Inside was the name of the person we were to make our gift for, and keep it secret, of course.  Then we received a card with the instructions.  We are to make a toilet bag, which should include some appliqué, or embroidery, plus a traditional block.  The size, shape, colour and fastening of the toilet bag is up to whatever we choose.  I’ll have to put my thinking cap on for this for some ideas.  Or even better, go on the internet, or maybe  flick through some of my craft books.

P3170006 The secret name and the instructions are all here

It was a very enjoyable morning, as always, it’s always so nice to meet up with the ladies.

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