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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Away in the Caravan

We have been off camping at the beautiful Mt Lees Reserve.  The camping area is surrounded by native bush, and the bird song is spectacular.  Three black and white ducks made several appearances, as they slowly waddled past the pink  “Naked Lady” plants which were flowering well.  The ducks did look rather comical as they first walked one way along the path, then back again.

P3140062 The ducks came calling

The weather was hot and sunny and I spent some time relaxing under the sun shade with my stitching.  My first job was to start sewing up a little pink fluffy  toddler’s jumper which has been put aside for a while.  It may be little, but this sort of job still takes a while.  I’m not quite finished as I feel that the attached hood needs a knitted band around the edge to finish it off nicely.

P3130021 Sewing all the pieces together

Then I did some more work on the stitchery cushion I’m making – this is the second of these I’ve done.  The first was a gift and I’ll be keeping version number two for myself.

P3130022 Then a little bit of stitchery

While I was whiling away the day sitting by myself  enjoying the fresh air, the birds, and my hand work, Robin was hard at work with a team of Cancer Society Volunteers manning a stand at the Central District  Field Days at Manfield Park.  They were there to promote men’s health, as everyone knows that some men are notoriously difficult to look after their own health.   He was exhausted when he finally returned back to the caravan, after being on his feet the whole afternoon is such sweltering conditions.  (Nothing that a cool beer couldn’t put right).

P3130031 Robin ready for action in his Cancer Society volunteer tee shirt and hat

As well as the waddling ducks, I spotted a collection of gnomes on the path to the Bed and Breakfast homestead which shares the grounds at Mt Lees Reserve.  Looks like someone had fun collecting and arranging them.

P3120018 Lots of little gnomes

P3120012 Camping at Mt Lees

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Kate said...

Your camping trip looks and sounds wonderful and you're keeping yourself busy with some lovely projects. :)