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Sunday, March 8, 2015

I need more Nine Patches

I’ve been feeling guilty as I haven’t touched my daughters Big Birthday quilt for some time now.  Last time I spoke to her on the phone she reminded me that I had promised it for her birthday later in the year.  And  I had to admit that it had been put on the back burner while I did other things.  So today I got the blocks out and laid them on my bed.  You can guess what I discovered – I haven’t made nearly enough!

This quilt is all to Nicky’s design, and she requested nine patch blocks in dusky pink and grey-green.  Then she wanted alternate appliqué blocks on calicoe – and we settled on appliqué leaves in different shapes.  I knew I hadn’t prepared enough of the appliqué blocks for me to machine button hole stitch around, but I can do more of those later.  I’ll have to deal with the nine patch blocks first.  So today I’ve cut more strips of pink and green and set about making more nine patch blocks.

P3080001 I’ll have to turn these

P3080002 Into more of these

So guess I’ll be working on this project only from now on for a while.  No more going off on another tangent as I seem to do, flitting from this, to that, and not getting anything finished.  As this is a gift for a special birthday, I’ll be sending it to a commercial quilter to work her magic on, so I’ll need to allow extra time for that. 


Nancy J said...

Lovely soft shades Jenny, and this will indeed be so special.

Kate said...

Love the fabrics that you're using - the quilt will be beautiful!