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Monday, March 30, 2015

It’s a Three Label Quilt

The labels on the back of my caravan quilt Romany Stars tell the story of the changes we have made to our “home away from home” over a ten year period.  I stitched the quilt  in 2004 for our Australian Golf caravan.  Made with 8 pointed stars and plain alternate blocks, and a double HST border, it was commercially quilted by Barry Scott.  Below is a picture of a younger version of me standing beside the quilt when it was hung in the Pinestream Quilters exhibition.  I made a photo label for the back showing the pair of us proudly standing beside our brand new caravan.

Romany Stars Romany Stars hanging in Pinestream Quilters exhibition

Two years later we changed our caravan to a locally made Leisureline caravan  .I kept with burgundy for the upholstery, so that I could continue to use my caravan quilt.  This new van had the added bonus of a bathroom - what luxury – especially in the middle of the night.  Another photo label was stitched on beside the original one.

Then in the middle of last year we upgraded again.  The selling point of our new van was the full width bathroom across the rear of the van, with a separate toilet, shower and vanity unit.  Once again, I chose burgundy for the upholstery.  I find it a lovely warm colour, and of course it goes with my caravan quilt.  I’ve only just got around to making a third photo label for the back of the quilt.  Muffy decided to add her input too, and she sat and watched as she made sure I was doing it correctly.
 P1220128 Muffy is the supervisor as I stitched yet another label on the quilt

And here they are, three photo labels stitched to the back of my Romany Stars quilt.  Now the weather is getting a little cooler I have replaced the lighter weight quilt I use over the summer months with this much warmer one.  Freshly washed, and ready to keep us cosy and warm during the colder months away, especially when we are camping off power.  No power = no electric blanket!

P1230135It’s a three label quilt

We are currently away in the caravan for a few weeks, up in Hawkes Bay over Easter, and then doing a tiki tour on the way home.  Keep up with our travels on our Travel Blog www.romanyrambler.blogspot.co.nz to follow our adventures.


Nancy J said...

Great way to keep track of the quilt's travels. enjoy your Easter.

Kate said...

Your photo labels are a good idea, Jenny. I enjoyed looking at your travel blog.