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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stitching beside the Apple Orchard

A long weekend away in the caravan is always good.  We are currently staying in Hastings parked up in an apple orchard. Today I enjoyed a couple of hours sitting outside in the warm winter sunshine doing some stitching.   It was very pleasant, out there on the fresh air, with the apple orchard just over the fence.  I’ve been doing some secret stitching for a birthday gift, so I can’t show exactly what I’m up to.

P7060052 Stitching in the sunshine

And I’ve managed to make a few more of those little yo-yos.  I need to make about 70 of these little ones, and the count is growing slowly.

P7060054 Getting there slowly

The trees in the apple orchard are mostly bare.  Most of the apples have long been gathered and sent away, but there are plenty of windfalls under the trees.  Hastings is often called “The Fruit Bowl of New Zealand”.  The weather has been beautiful while we have been up here in Hastings, let’s hope it stays fine when we head home tomorrow.
P7060030  The apple orchard

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Nancy J said...

A birthday, and apples galore, what a lovely quiet place to stay. Cheers,Jean.