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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Birthday Cushion

It’s my big sister Kathleen’s birthday today, and quite a special one at that - she is now the ripe old age of 70!  So we have travelled up to Hastings for the weekend to join in the birthday celebrations.  Mmm, what to give a special person for a milestone birthday celebration?  I pondered about this for a while, then came up with a good idea.  I made her a cushion.  It featured an embroidered panel with a verse from Bronwyn Hayes, of Red Brolly fame, which I adapted slightly.    And I used a dark blue print for the rest of the cushion, so it would tone in nicely with Kathleen’s favourite chair, her navy blue recliner.

P6290001 70th Birthday cushion

With family and friends invited around for a birthday lunch there were lots of gifts to open.  Several pots plants too, and a lovely bouquet of flowers.  Various family members had travelled to be with Kathleen, including a couple of cousins I  only seem to catch up with at funerals.
P7050011 It’s hard to read the words without glasses!

P7050012  Yes, I think she likes it.

As I said to Kathleen during the day, there was only one thing wrong with her turning 70 this year.  With only 15 months between us two sisters, it will be my turn to celebrate turning 70 next year!  (I’m not going to think about that just now, I’ve decided).


Maria said...

What a beautiful gift for your sis's special birthday.
You look alike Robyn.

Annette said...

Lovely verse on the cushion, hope you got some family photos.....70 is not old these days, as long as our health is good to us! Take care, love reading about your travels but admit to sometimes wondering if I would like to be away so often.......but we are all different. Enjoy xx