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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Doing some Prep

It’s not as if I really need another project, considering all those UFOs I have.  And I must admit I haven’t worked on the quilt I’m making for my daughter for a while.  So what have I been doing lately?  Drawing shapes on the back of fusible web paper, cutting them out, and ironing them onto fabric – all for a new project.  I get in a bit of a mess with that fusible getting everywhere, little bits stuck on my ironing cover, and adhering to the plate of my iron.

However, after standing at my cutting board, then the ironing board, for absolutely ages, everything is prepared and stuck down, and I’m ready for the next step, the actual sewing.  It seems ages since I’ve had any quality time seated at the sewing machine, so I’m looking forward to it.  My appliqué is done the easy way, by machine.  I’ll show what I’m making when it’s all finished.  Here’s a little peep.

P7240030 Cutting and tracing

Muffy has been helping by keeping out of the way and not getting under my feet.  Sadly, she is suffering from a little bit of pussy cat dementia and some days she is more demanding than others.  She likes to know where we are, and keep us close by, usually tucked up on a handy lap.  Not always on our agenda when we have are having a busy day.   So I’m tip-towing around, leaving the sleeping cat lie.  Mind you, the more she sleeps during the day, the more likely she is to have a restless night.  Never mind – it’s all part of being a responsible pet owner, and unconditional love.

P7300002 Muffy is fast asleep

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Nancy J said...

That applique looks fascinating, and Muffy, her chair no doubt. Cheers,Jean