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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Home again after our Road Trip

We love travelling around in our caravan, but I always come down to earth with a thump when we return home.  The washing machine has been chugging away, load after load.  Must admit that I didn’t do any laundry while we were away on our last trip, most unusual for me, so the laundry bag was full to overflowing.  Then there were the towels and sheets to wash, another load – the bed to make up with fresh sheets, hang clean towels on the towel rail, so everything is ready for the next trip away.

While we were away at the Chocolate Éclair Rally in Ohakune (yes, we did get a delicious big squidgy chocolate éclair each)  we could help ourselves to some freshly harvested Ohakune carrots, parsnips, potatoes and swedes for a very modest cost.  So today I have used some of the veggies in a big pot of soup, and will be adding more to some Savoury Mince.  I’ll take some to my elderly next door neighbour too, I’m sure she will be able to make use of them.

Did I mention that we have recently changed our caravan?   The large bathroom right across the back of the van was what sold us on this version of Leisureline caravan.  Toilet to the left, separate shower to the right, hand basin and vanity unit, heated towel rail plus lots of cupboards.  Our previous bathroom was the size of a broom cupboard, with shower, toilet and hand basin all fitted in to the very small space, barely room to swing a cat, if we had a mind to.   It worked OK, but this is so much nicer, and so much roomier.

P6080015Inside our new caravan

New caravan cushions are on the “must make soon” list, and I still have a couple of cupboards to sort out and rearrange.  Most importantly, Muffy has settled down very well in the new caravan.  Now that she is getting on in years, she gets distressed quite easily, and likes to keep quite close to us both.  She doesn’t like to venture outside anymore, just likes to curl up and snooze the day away.

P6150018 Muffy enjoying the Ohakune sunshine in the window

P6140011And this was the view out of the caravan window

It's good to be back home - until our next trip.

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Nancy J said...

How far we have all come from those early caravan days, the pop-top, too small, no fixed bed, and most importantly or worst of all, no toilet, shower or vanity. Luxury is now not that at all, but a necessity. Enjoy. Cheers,Jean.