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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pottering Around

It’s been that sort of day today – where no actual sewing gets done.  But I have been busy in other ways.  Did a load of washing, then a whole lot of ironing.  Washed out the fridge prior to doing a big shop tomorrow.  And most important of all, tended to the poorly one in the family.  Robin went to the dentist today and had a broken tooth attended too.  He was told it needed a very large filling to fix the tooth, and could well be tender for quite some time – ouch!  So I heated up some soup for his lunch, made sure he swallowed a pain killer or too, and generally tried to make soothing noises while he is feeling out of sorts.  With his painful knee, and now a sore tooth, he isn’t a happy chap at all.

Muffy is playing nurse maid too by jumping up on his recliner chair with him and settling down on Robin’s lap.  Hopefully, things will be a little better tomorrow.

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Nancy J said...

Robin, hope that Friday will bring a better day. Jenny, hang in there, us carers get a rough time occasionally, lots of TLC is on the menu up here too!!! Cheers to you both, Jean. p.s. guess the wallet had some pain as dollars were extracted>>>