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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quick, the quilters are coming

It was my turn to host the Sew Wot quilting group, so I’ve been busy in the kitchen.  Muffy thinks she is helping too.  As soon as I opened the kitchen cupboard to get the mixing bowls out, in she jumped, as quick as a wink. Any open cupboard is a magnet to her.   “Scram”,  I told her, “I’ve got a lot to do!”  With the baking done yesterday, and a quick whizz around this morning with the vacuum cleaner, I was all ready.

DSCF5619 Muffy think she is helping

The Sew Wot ladies duly arrived and started chattering away.  Moira, Helen and Mary started working on their embroidery while the others just sat and talked.  Helen had lots to show us as she had just come back from her holiday in Adelaide, Australia.  Her book of holiday photos was passed around and admired.  Muffy decided that Helen was the perfect person to cuddle up to, and stayed on her lap all morning.

P6100029 Helen and Muffy

Three of the ladies had recently celebrated their birthdays and cards and gifts changed hands.  Pam received a a pretty set of hand stitched coasters to use in her new conservatory.

P6100028 Pam’s pretty coasters

Ronald McDonald House  is always in need of bright cheery quilts for young patients, and Rae was stitching down the binding on her quilt which will be gifted to this deserving cause.

P6100031 Birthday girl Pam and Rae with her Ronald McDonald quilt

Helen had completed some pretty stitchery blocks designed by the very clever Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly Designs to show us.

P6100030 Bronwyn Hayes designs

That reminded me that I had made a Christmas quilt a while ago using some Bronwyn Hayes stitchery blocks, so I brought it out to show everyone.  This Australian designer has her own particular style, pop over and see some of her work here.

DSCF8250 My Bronwyn Hayes inspired Christmas quilt

Cups of tea and coffee were made, and the morning tea set out, including a cream sponge in honour of the three birthday girls.  (Not a home made cream sponge, I must confess, making sponges is not one of my skills.)   It was another very pleasant morning spent with the Sew Wot ladies.

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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Your little at home stitching group are a happy lot! Nice to sew, chat and eat goodies.
Nice to see their show and tell