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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not a single stitch

We’ve just come home from a long weekend (3 day) caravan rally at Opaki School, Masterton.  This is a lovely rural school surrounded by large mature trees, and we noticed a whole lot of scare crows surrounding the school vegetable patch. Most of them seemed to be in quite a state of disarray and were practically falling over, so I imagine they had been on scare crow duty  for quite some time.  There was fun and entertainment arranged for us campers all weekend, from a Dutch Auction, BBQ meal, and a musical evening too.  Then we had morning teas and happy hours every day, so it was certainly all go.  The weather ranged from hot and sunny with us sheltering under a shady tree then changed to wet, wild and windy.  The forecast promised us some hail as well, but that didn’t eventuate.
DSCF8723 One of the scare crows seen at Opaki School
Sadly I didn’t have time to do a single stitch of my hand-work which I had diligently packed in the caravan.  .  But I did notice one happy camper doing some stitching in the hall, so went over to have a look at what she was working on.  She was doing cross stitch, and her pattern had been digitally produced from a family photo, some how or other.  I understand that there are computer programmes which can do this.
Am I stitching today now we have returned home?  Sadly again, the answer is no.  But I’ve done a large load of washing, and will be ironing shortly before the day is out.  We’ve unpacked the caravan and cleaned the fridge and bathroom, then vacuumed the floor.  What I really need to do is to get my light box out and trace out a couple of stitchery patterns.  We have an extra  “looooong”  caravan trip coming up soon and I must make sure that I have plenty of stitching all prepared for me to work on.  There’s sure to be some time in between the travelling and sight seeing when I’ll be able to relax over a bit of hand stitching.

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