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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Home again

Here we are home again after a lovely Christmas/New Year break in sunny Carterton.  The weather was just as it should be during this time of year, hot and sunny.  I’ll admit to a couple of rather wet and soggy days, but it seems that the whole country suffered with the rain, and some places were really hard hit.  On arriving home we saw something strange in the hall way.  “What’s that?”, Robin asked.  It was a pile of quilting magazines all over the floor.  It seems that an earthquake had sent the box flying off a high shelf while we were away on holiday.  Luckily this was the only damage and was easily put right.
DSCF8642 Earthquake had sent the box of magazines flying off the shelf
Once home, we got on with the long job of unloading the caravan.  Empty the fridge, and wash it out all ready for next time.  In and out we traipsed with armfuls of clothes, books and and other sundry items.  While all this was happening Muffy decided that her holiday wasn’t quite over and settled back down on the caravan couch for yet another snooze. 
DSCF8643 Muffy back in the caravan while we are unpacking
The caravan is now a “Christmas free zone”.   The Santa wall-hangings in the caravan have now been taken down and the usual ones put up in their place.  I removed the Christmas red-work cushion covers and put the freshly laundered plain ones back on.   No doubt they will all come out again next time.  Happy New Year to all readers and fellow bloggers, may 2012 be a wonderful year to you all.

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