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Monday, January 9, 2012

I’ve got Mail

Don’t know where the Post Office has been hiding my Christmas parcel sent by Carol in South Dakota, but it finally arrived today.  What a lovely surprise it is to get a parcel of goodies through the mail.  And a nice long  letter too, so it was good to catch up with Carol’s news.  We have been pen friends for quite a few years now.  My gift was wrapped in some pretty black floral fabric with gold highlights, only a fellow quilter would think of using fabric to wrap the gift in.  Now, what’s this inside?
DSCF8650 From my quilting friend Carol
The pretty little purse has fancy stitches down the white stripes with pastel variegated thread.  It is a handy size to put some of my sewing bits and pieces in.  And the orange flower brooch was a real surprise.  Closer inspection revealed that it had been made from a zip, carefully rolled in the middle, then folded to make the flower petals – what a clever idea.  Thanks so much, Carol.

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