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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The downside of a summery Christmas

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Christmas in the summer season.  No Yule logs and snow for us, but sunshine all the way.  We get to enjoy BBQs, days at the beach, and relaxing under the sun umbrella while we sip a cooling drink in the afternoon.  So just what is the downside of living in paradise?  I don’t want to grizzle but I’ve spent the afternoon melting in the humid conditions while I have taken down the Christmas quilts, and hung the others back in their rightful places.  Then I carefully wrapped up my Christmas ornaments, and put them all away in their plastic crates.  Then…….I re-hung the photos in their usual places and put the other ornaments back where they belong.  All the time hot, damp and dripping in the heat.  I’m not a pretty sight, I imagine, with my damp red face.  But it’s all done now – although I did notice that my collection of brass is badly in need of a polish.  Not today though, I’m just too darn hot!
DSCF8664 Family photo back on the wall, sister Kathleen with  me on the right

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By Hoki Quilts said...

The weather has been crazy just lately. Here on the West Coast we are known for our high rainfall - well... we are on water restrictions as there hasn't been rain for at least 4 weeks. Amazing to say the least!