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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time to deliver the Quilts

My quilt club, Pinestream Quilters, is getting ready for our upcoming Quilt Exhibition. We have all been hard at work stitching our quilts, and sewing the bindings down. Then we had to make the hanging sleeve, stitch it on, together with the label. And send our husbands to the hardware shop to buy a length on timber batten, cut it to the correct size, screw in a couple of “eyes” to each end, to slip inside the hanging sleeve. This had to be named too, of course. Don’t forget the bag we needed to make, big enough to place our rolled up quilt inside, and that needed a label too. Finally, it was time to deliver the quilts.

DSCF4118 All ready to go with my small quilt in it’s labelled bag.

We drove down in the rain to Pinehaven to deliver my quilt. I knew we had to go down a driveway to a back section shared by two properties, but which house is it, this one or that one? It was the house on the left. Joy probably knew that no one would remember her instructions, so left a visual reminder for us. There in the doorway of the open garage was one of her quilts draped over a chair, that’s a clever idea.

DSCF4119 Deliver the quilts to this house.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Jenny, as a group we purchased a whole pile of those steel reinforced plant stakes. The type you often find out the front of some supermarkets. They come in four different sizes which is great and 2 are just right for a super king qiuilt. The best thing is that they don't 'sag' and they have little nodules so the fishing line we hung the quilts with didn't slip. Also, as quilt bags we purchased cheap pillow slips and just wrote our names on them - very practical.

Maria said...

Well done Jenny. Can't wait to see the posts on your exhibition. I know how busy you have all been because our group is also preparing for our Tri- Annual Hanging on the 10-10-10. We are all doing what your group has just finished.
Good Luck with your show.

FlourishingPalms said...

She's a clever quilt-accepter. I really like that the quilt speaks more loudly than a sign ever would!