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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A new quilter perhaps?

We visited our friend Kathryn in the weekend. She has hung some family photos and pictures on the walls recently. Hanging in the dining room was a lovely cross stitch picture she had stitched some years ago while recovering from surgery. It is a charming piece of work and shows a quilting bee underway, with extra quilts hanging out to dry on the clothesline.


Kathryn has expressed interest in learning to quilt, and asked me to help her, when she is ready to start. My answer? Of course! We are always happy to welcome new people into the quilting fraternity, aren’t we?


FlourishingPalms said...

Well doesn't that look familiar! I've cross-stitched the same piece myself! However, I was a quilter at the same time, so I changed one of the quilts - the second from the right - to look like the Amish quilt on my bed. I was also fortunate to get the counted cross-stitch designer to sign the glass over the stitchery! I think I have a real keepsake. Hope Kathryn takes to quilting.

Maria said...

I love the stitchery. It is always nice to welcome new quilters into a group.

The Cozy Quilter said...

Glad to hear of another "conversion" to quilting. I have converted a few friends to quilting myself! It is always good to have another friend to quilt with! I have a counted cross stitch picture or two featuring quilts in my house too. Thanks for visiting my blog.