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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our caravan has turned Christmassy

It’s almost time to go away in the caravan so it’s only right and fitting that the caravan has to be decorated for Christmas too. Just in the door a cheery Redwork Santa is waiting to welcome guests inside.

DSCF2395 Redwork Santa

On the ledge above the door I have a collection of small Santas. The three on the left are hand made, known as “table Santas” However, in this case they are “ledge Santas. Also hanging up is a lovely little stylised Pohutakawa blossom. The Pohutakawa tree is known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree as it bursts into crimson red flowers over the summer.

DSCF2394 Small Santas on duty

It’s time to change the cushion covers for the Christmas ones I have stitched. Even more redwork Santas .

DSCF2397 Santa cushions for Christmas

And don’t let’s forget Santa Bear. He is a Polar Bear of course, and came with a bright red hat and jacket edged in white fur. Oh no, that won’t go with burgundy furnishings, will it. So I unpicked the jacket and hat, used the pieces as a pattern to cut out a nice new outfit, stitched it all together, adding the white fur trim. Now Santa Bear comes out every Christmas to sit up on the couch just waiting for a cuddle.

DSCF2396 Santa Bear in his new burgundy outfit

When we get to the motor camp we will string up some Christmas lights around the caravan. The youngsters in camp love to come and see all the Christmas lights flashing in the evening.


By Hoki Quilts said...

How lovely, I hadn't thought of caravaners decorating their caravans but I suppose it's a home away from home really. The cushions are delightful, where did you manage to find such lovely stitchery patterns?
Have a geat twinkling Christmas

Jenny said...

Thanks for your message. Can't quite remember where I got the patterns, but think it was probably from one of the Australian Patchwork and Stitching magazines.
Merry Christmas to you too.

cinzia said...

Santa Bear is my favourite but only just by a nose... your caravan must look great a this time of the year.

FlourishingPalms said...

You have a lovely collection of handmade Christmas items. The white polar bear is especially cute. Sounds like you share your love of the season with others at the motor camp. How nice! Have a beautiful Christmas.