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Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Bon Bons

The sewing machine has been humming as I’ve been hard at work trying to get all my stitching up to date in time for Christmas. At this time of the year, it’s rush, rush, rush with a million things to do. One of the easier projects I’ve done is make a few Christmas Bon Bons. Made from festive fabric with a nice toning or contrasting lining, I think they turned out out really well. The idea is to fill them with delicious wrapped chocolates or something similar. They would make cute little gifts to give away, or you could put one on each place setting on the Christmas Dinner table.

DSCF2287 Christmas Bon Bons waiting to be filled with goodies


Ozjane said...

What a great idea.....wonder if I can make these before our Christmas sit and sew lunch here.
Is there a pattern which one could beg for.......
see bended knees in action.....LOL

cinzia said...

I'm with Jane would love the pattern for the bon bons... oh and a few extra weeks also before Xmas.

Jenny said...

Hi Jane - happy to help. Not my own design, very easy. Top, lining fabric and pellon, all cut to 9 1/2 X 10 1/2 inches. Lay pellon, lining (right side up, and main fabric (right side down) in that order. Sew 1/4in all around, leaving opening at one side. Trim corners, turn, slipstitch opening and press. Stitch running stitch 1 1/2in from 9 1/2 sides, gather up and secure, tie ribbon bows around. Fill with goodies.

aubirdwoman said...

lovely change from the traditional.
thanks for sharing.