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Monday, December 21, 2009

Gifts of Christmas Past

I am really blessed to have several overseas pen friends who also share my passion for quilting. So their gifts get an outing too each Christmas. Let me show you some of the wonderful Christmas themed gifts I have received over the years. They have their own special spots where they get hung each year. First up is a lovely little wall-hanging featuring Robin Redbreast and his friends, you can tell this one came to me from England! And how about this bright and cheerful hand appliquedued Christmas Trees decorated with buttons, which arrived from USA.



I have also received a couple of Christmas panels and these make very acceptable gifts too, as I get a lot of enjoyment from the many happy hours spent hand quilting them. This one hangs in the dining room over the Christmas holidays.

DSCF2303 Christmas Panel

And this lovely Christmas ABC panel hangs up high over a doorway in our hall. Both lovingly hand quilted by me, over a long period of time, I must add. I like to hand quilt when we are away in our caravan, but I am rather slow. Never mind, they get completed sooner or later!

DSCF2304Christmas ABC Panel

Father Christmas is sitting at his sewing machine stitching himself a new hat, with his cat snoozing in a basket at his feet. He has pride of place on top of the gas heater, which of course, we do not need to light over Christmas, as it is Summer time here in New Zealand!!

DSCF2289And sent to me over several years is my lovely collection of little mice (and one elf) sitting astride sewing paraphernalia, such as a cotton reel, thimble, and pincushion, sent to me from USA. They are so cute, and I just love them. I set them out on top of a piece of hand made lace made by a lovely English pen friend who has sadly since passed away. And then there are my two lovely snowmen ornaments, also from USA. The larger one is beautifully decorated and looks so happy ringing his bells. The little one in front is beautiful Jim Shore snowman with his patchwork vest.


DSCF2393 Mice and snowmen Christmas ornaments

There are so many lovely memories attached to all my treasures. I am so lucky to have met up with several of my overseas pen friends already and really appreciate the friendship we have shared over the years.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Lis Harwood said...

I love the robins quilt (being English LOL) and the Christmas ABC is stunning. Have a very Happy Christmas in lovely NZ (and send some sun if you can, perishing cold here so here's a flax covered in snow to amuse you), Lis x

Quilty Cat said...

Hi Jenny, Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I am thrilled that you enjoy it and seeing pictures of Indiana. Your cat is beautiful too. We used to board Indiana at a cattery in Brisbane where the owner bred Birmans. I have enjoyed seeing all your Christmas quilts. I liked the ABC panel. I went through a panel phase and am just finishing an UFO with a panel and have admitted to myself that I don't need to buy any more Christmas panels!! Happy New Year. C

Jenny said...

No, I probably don't need any more Christmas panels either, but if I get one for a gift, no doubt I will happily stitch it. I probably don't need any more Christmassy things either, but that doesn't seem to stop one making them, does it?