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Monday, December 14, 2009

A little birthday gift

Most members in our Caravan Club have handy little timber slat tables that fold up flat for easy storage. These little tables are just the right size to have beside our seats as we sit outside for morning tea (or lunch, or 4zees) enjoying the sunshine. Eileen was having a major birthday so I made her a little tablecloth to use on her caravan table. Used some special fabric that was printed with various English brand names. This was quite appropriate as both Eileen and her husband were born on Good Old Blighty.


However, on close inspection, the brand names were a letter or two incorrect, a way to get around copyright I expect . Such as Crys instead of Frys chocolate.

DSCF1998 The birthday table cloth

I had two fabrics from this range and used a terracotta fabric for sashing and borders. Where was the label, Eileen wanted to know? Oops, better fix that up for her, I should know better than that, shouldn’t I?

DSCF2384 Happy Birthday Eileen

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