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Friday, July 23, 2021

Sew Wot Tuesday

How long has it been since I was able to attend a Sew Wot Tuesday, I wonder?  Not sure, but much too long.  So I had a lovely morning on Tuesday, meeting up with the ladies again, this time at Helen’s home in the country.  And I got to thank them in person for the texts, phone calls, cards and visits I received when I returned home from hospital.  It was Sandra’s birthday, and she had presents galore to open, so many exciting parcels.


Happy Birthday Sandra

There were all sorts of goodies for us to pick through, and take home.  I had brought along several small bags of bits and pieces I had received when my neighbour moved into a rest home.  And Heather had received a box of donations, including many hand made doilies,  to share with us.


Looking for new homes

It’s always nice to see the Show and Tell.  Both Helen and I had been knitting beanies.  Helen’s tiny ones are going to babies in the Wanganui Hospital Neonatal Unit, and my two larger ones will be sent to Foster Hope charity.


We’ve been knitting beanies

Several of the ladies had been taking part in stitching a mystery quilt, organised by Mary.  Carol chose brown and yellow, and Mary’s version was in purples.  Then Helen showed us her pink version, this one is going to her friend in a rest home.


Carol and Mary’s quilt tops


Helen’s version in pink

Heather was working on a special quilt, stitching the binding down on a 21st birthday quilt for her grand-daughter, who loves polar bears.  She also made a lap quilt from the leftover pieces of fabric.



21st birthday quilts

There were two more quilts being worked on, the same but different.  Both Mary and Helen were hand piecing “Where’s Wally” a pattern found in a quilt magazine. Mary’s version is being done in pinks and purples, and Helen chose black and white.


Two versions of Where’s Wally

While we were chatting away, stitching and knitting, and doing show and tell, Carol’s grand-daughter Sarah was quietly sitting cross legged on the floor (you can tell she is young and flexible) assembling a model telephone.  Lots of small pieces which slotted in together, and there we go, all done!  Doesn't it look great!


Sarah and her creation

It was so nice to be back with the Sew Wots again, “we’ve missed you”, they said.  And it goes without saying that we had a wonderful spread for morning tea, thanks so much Helen for a lovely morning.


HEATHER B said...

lovely looking at your blog Jenny and so pleased to see you getting more mobility everyday. Yes we all missed you. Take care. Heather B

Janice said...

I’m sure you had missed the Sew Wot ladies too. I’m so pleased you are up to getting out and about again. They have made some beautiful creations this time. Sarah’s phone looks like a fun project to put together.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so nice that you were able to attend the meeting! are you driving now or did Robin need to drop you off? I'm sure you still moving slower than you did but I bet it felt great to get out and do some normal activities

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What a fun day, thanks for the quilt show!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Well, I'm happy to see the Sew Wots again as well. It is always fascinating to see a quilt pattern in different colourways. They looks so different. Your beanies are cute, Jenny. So glad you are out and about again. Things are getting back to normal here after such a long time.

Maria said...

Wonderful Jenny to be back with your Sew Wot friends..
Lots of things to share as well as lovely show and tell.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Wonderful to see the beautiful and intriguing projects. The Where’s Wally pattern looks fabulous in both color combinations.

Julierose said...

Wonderful that you got to meet up with your sewing friends once again...hope you are progressing well...hugs Julierose

FlourishingPalms said...

Oh how happy I am for you to have gotten out! So nice for you to be with special friends for a good catch-up and treats. It does one's heart good, doesn't it? I hope you were able to sit for a while and not experience any pain. Or maybe interval laps around the room helped you get through it. Love knowing that friends are sharing passed-along items with one another, and that several are sharing the experience of making similar quilts. There's so much camaraderie in these activities. I'll be sharing a quilt along with some of my quilty friends too, though I'm pretty sure we'll be meeting on Zoom. Still, it's better than not meeting at all.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

How wonderful that you got to visit with friends. Such lovely projects and quilts for the viewing as well. Have a blessed weekend.

Gretchen Weaver said...

It is so nice you were able to get together with your friends, sounds like a wonderful day with beautiful show & tell. Glad you're recovering from your surgery, happy stitching!

Karen S said...

I am so pleased you were able to attend. It does feel goof to get out and about. Thanks for all the show and tell. Always great to see.