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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

No rolling the dice this week

I won’t be rolling the dice this week, or next week either.  Why?  Because – exciting news - we won’t be home.  Which means the UFOs get a rest while we are away on holiday.  I’m sure they will sit there quietly in my sewing room till I get home again.

UFOs in waiting

And no, it’s not yet another trip away in the caravan.  We are flying over to Australia for a holiday in tropical Cairns.  Which means a VERY early wake up call and a drive to Wellington Airport to arrive for the check in time at 4.0AM.


You are invited too, come along and check out the blog to see what we will be getting up to.  It involves a couple of train rides, sightseeing trips, and all that sort of thing, so that should be fun.  And….. are there any readers who live in Cairns who want to meet up for a coffee?  Just let me know.


Nancy J said...

I think there was a wonderful fabric shop up there somewhere, save a few gaps for some pieces, and you can leave all this rain well behind. Enjoy every day.XX

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Have a great time.

Tired Teacher said...

Have fun and safe travel

Maria said...

Cairns is a fabulous place to visit.. enjoy 😊!

Kate said...

Enjoy yourselves. I look forward to all the great photos. k

Janice said...

Enjoy your time in the tropics. It will be nice for you to feel nice and warm. I'm looking forward to tagging along.