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Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Big Bag of Scraps

That’s what I’ve got to work with this week.  I’ve decided to make a pieced backing for my Animal ABC quilt.  .  Must admit that I don’t often make pieced backings, but I’m sure I won’t want to be using some of these animal fabrics in other projects.  So really, it’s better to put them to good use – and not have them hanging about and not knowing what on earth to do with them. 

To be used as part of the backing

This is what I’ve got to work with, a bunch of fabrics with animals cut out, which I have appliqued with the appropriate letter.  I can see pandas and elephants in there, tigers and wolves.  Together with  strips of homespun which could be used.  I’ll have a little think and see what I come up with.

My animal ABC quilt top


Nancy J said...

The sashing and border is stunning, and shows off those blocks so well.

Kate said...

Terrific idea for the quilt back and I look forward to seeing it. Your quilt top is very nice indeed. k

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

I'm a fan for pieced backs. I decided years ago to piece all the leftovers from a quilt into the back. No scraps left, yippee!

loulee said...

Lovely quilt top. I like your idea of using up the left overs to make the back. Great idea.

Janice said...

I'm sure your quilt back will look fabulous and will make the quilt almost reversible. A fantastic way to use up the remaining fabric.

Maria said...

Such a lovely quilt and love the border fabric.
A scrappy backing will be perfect.