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Friday, July 14, 2017

Polka Dot Apron

It’s always good to have a finish, and this week I’ve completed my polka dot apron plus a matching two handed oven cloth.  So I’m feeling rather pleased about that.  The apron was soon cut out earlier in the week and I started constructing the straps.

Stitching up the straps

Some time ago I had done these little stitcheries from “My Vintage Kitchen”, designed by Jenny of Elefantz.  In fact, I had stitched them especially to add to my apron.  Now was the time to put them all together.

Stitcheries from My Vintage Kitchen

I used a pattern from “More Retro Aprons” by Cindy Oates, version A-1 (on the right)  and added only a single ruffle instead of the four shown.  Not quite so fussy, to suit me better, I decided.


And here is my finished apron, using two of the stitcheries as pockets – it’s quite a simple design really.    I’m one of those people who like to, or perhaps I should I say need to wear an apron in the kitchen.

My new apron

With two extra stitcheries and a little extra fabric, I decided to make a double handed oven cloth.  Which incidentally, took longer to stitch than the apron.  That's UFO number 6 on my list finished.

Matching oven cloth

For those of you who know me well, you may be wondering why I am using lime green fabric for my new apron, when I am usually clothed in blue, or maybe a little pink or lilac?  It is because I had some lime green Perle cotton left after stitching the label for this Anniversary quilt made for my daughter and her husband.

Black and White and  Splash of Lime

As I felt I was unlikely to be stitching anything else in lime green, I used the rest of the thread to stitch the four little Vintage Kitchen stitcheries.  And then I had to find some lime green fabric to go with them.  Perhaps I have enough aprons now?


Nancy J said...

Lovely with the green, and pockets, and the other 2 on the oven mitt, perfect way to show them all.

loulee said...

Love the quilt, the green really pops out of the background.
Great way to use up leftovers.

Tired Teacher said...

The apron is cute as a button, especially with the ruffled edge.

Susan said...

It's beautiful. (Or rather, THEY are.)

Question from an American: what is an oven cloth? So curious.


Kate said...

The stitched pockets look terrific on your lovely apron. Are you hesitant to wear it and possiblly get it soiled, lol. ;)

Jenny said...

Thank you all for your kind words. And for Susan, who is a "non reply blogger" so I cannot reply directly. I put both hands in the pockets of my oven cloth and lift a hot casserole dish or roasting tin from the oven. Perhaps you call them something else?

Jenny said...

Hi Kate - my aprons are made to be used, and washed, even irons, and worn again!

mangozz said...

Your stitcheries are adorable and go well with the polka dots. I would be afraid to use these items for fear they would get ruined.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Caught up again on your posts Jenny. What a grand age...80! I love the owls and the New Zealand flowers...both great ideas with such beautiful results.
I too need aprons...full body coverage in the kitchen! This is lovely and what a great way to use Jenny's little embroideries. I downloaded them but never got around to using them. They are sweet.
I love the way you are getting things done!

Susan said...

Thank you! (I didn't know I was non reply -- sorry!)

I'm not sure I've ever seen an oven cloth, but it looks like a good idea.

grammajudyb said...

I am in agreement with you, Jenny. Make things you love and use them! I want my quilts used, my embroidered dishtowels used, certainly an apron needs to be used. The fun is in the journey of creating and using.

NickiJ said...

I especially liked the oven cloth. And, no, you can never have enough aprons!!

Janice said...

They look great. Jenny of Elefantz was thrilled to hear you used her designs. Send her an email with you link. She'd love to see them. Tell her I sent you.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Jenny! These are gorgeous!! I really like the green...and you've made everything lovelier displaying the blocks in such pretty and practical ways. :-)