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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Red Centre

Here we are in the red centre of Australia.  And slap bang in the middle is the iconic Ululu (Ayers Rock) which has been given World Heritage listing, and rightly so.  Uluru rises 348m from the arid desert floor and we have been on trips to view it at various times during the day.  Always awe inspiring, it is no wonder that it is considered sacred by the indigenous people.

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock

Less well known but equally inspiring are the 36 dome heads of Kata Tjuta, also known as The Olgas.

Kata Tjuta

We took a walk between two of the domes, so it was good to get up close to these interesting rock formations.  However, the track was extremely rough, and we were very careful where we placed our feet – a bit wary of a sprained ankle, or worse.

Walking at Kata Tjuta

And to finish off our time at Uluru, we joined a happy band of other holiday makers at an evening barbecue.  The temperatures drop quite low in the desert during the evening, and we were supplied with fleecy ponchos to wear, if required – looking rather like a group of monks having a big night out!  We got to try kangaroo steak, and found it rather tasty, together with more prawns, chicken, salads, Australian wine, and dessert to follow.

All rugged up for our BBQ in the cool dessert air

I’ve been busily writing up my travel blocks, recording where we stay, where we go, and attractions visited.  Also other exciting (to us) titbits such as trying kangaroo for the first time!

Writing on more blocks

I purchased another apron too, (just call me the Apron Queen) the fabric was designed by Aboriginal artist Rachael Stevens, so will be a great reminder of our time spent in the outback of Australia.

Another new apron

If readers would like to keep up with our travels in more detail, do pop over to our other blog, which gives a much fuller account of our Aussie Adventures.
You can find it on www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com


Maria said...

It's great you are having a fabulous time in the Centre. I love the Olgas more the the rock...another place we loved was Kings Canyon.
You look warm all rugged up ready for your BBQ...
Great memory blocks and I love your apron.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Belated happy birthday to Robin; my older daughter's was the 13th. What an absolutely marvelous adventure for you two. I love seeing all your photos and never tire of seeing all the lovely food you get to eat. Of course, we are all familiar with Ayres Rock because of the famous event and movie. And I am little surprised you can eat kangaroo. Never knew that. See, still learning! Continued happy travels.

Jenny and Robin said...

Yes, so far we have tried kangaroo, and also camel. We want to try crocodile next!
AS for those Aussie prawns, I'm in heaven every time they are on offer!