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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Almost Over

It’s hard to believe that our Aussie Adventure is drawing to an end.  Tomorrow we will set the alarm clock, be up bright and early, drop the hire car back, and get a shuttle to the airport for our flight home.  We have been warned that some of the airport staff could be taking industrial action, and to allow extra time to get through the immigration counters.

Yesterday we caught up with my brother Brian, who has lived in Australia for quite a long time now.  Brian and Noeleen took us out to lunch at a lovely local restaurant – and it was great to catch up again after all this time.

Robin, Brian, Noeleen, Jenny

Brian and Noeleen live in Redcliffe, made famous as the suburb where the Bee Gees grew up.  We were taken to the Bee Gees Way – full of photos, statues, info boards, and the well known Bee Gees songs playing continuously.

Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe

Staying in the city seemed a good idea on our last day, and we did a little shopping.  Not something that Robin really enjoys, especially in the hot weather.  But we found some new shorts for him, and a top and summer trousers for me, so we both came away happy.

Shopping time

And…..I had been looking around for a little something for my charm bracelet in memory of our Aussie Adventure, and finally found just the thing.  A pretty little koala bear gold charm.

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Nancy J said...

Shopping, well,when we were there many years ago, went to a mall in central Brisbane, and the shops, the shops, and more and more. Food on the ground floor, then up and up. So almost all over, looks like you enjoyed it all, apart from a little mishap, it is still cool here in the mornings, but days are definitely warmer. Have a good flight home.