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Thursday, September 8, 2016

South Australia–we’ve here

Gidday Aussies!  We’ve arrived safely in South Australia, after two flights with a lay-over in Sydney.  And I have started recording our trip on my travelling quilt blocks. 

I’ve written on my first holiday block

We are staying on the lovely city of Adelaide for several days.  And what a glorious city it is, full of parks and beautiful stone architecture.  We had a little look around today, and booked a “City Tour’', seeing all the highlights. 

Can you see me in the front seat?

One of our stops was to look through St Peter’s Cathedral, built of local stone in the French Gothic style, and services began here in 1877.  I couldn’t leave without purchasing a new apron, showing the outside of the cathedral in all it’s glory.  As it’s burgundy, colourwise I think it will work nicely as one of my caravan aprons – a messy cook like me can’t have too many aprons!

My new apron

Interior view of St Peter’s Cathedral

Another stop on our tour was at Haigh’s Chocolates, where we had a quick overview on how hand made choccies are made, before being let loose in the shop.  Purchasing chocolate wasn’t compulsory, but I’m sure that everyone did.  Including us of course, just a small assortment of apricot, ginger, hazelnut and peppermint.  Not to eat all at once, of course.  We’ll save some to nibble on our Ghan Rail trip next week as we trundle through the outback.

Yum, yum, chocolate


Nancy J said...

Wow, that looks like a wonderful place, and I hope it's a lot warmer than here. Desert road closed, snow falling in Wellington, enjoy it all.

Maria said...

Welcome to Aussie ! Pleased you are enjoying Adelaide.. It is a very pretty place. Lovely apron.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Welcome to AUS. South Australia is lovely. Enjoy your trip on the Ghan....hubby's bucket list item...and the outback xx

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Just leisurely read your latest posts, Jenny. My mouth watered at the sight and thought of your lovely family lunch. Beautiful embroidery by your daughter and the horse quilt is bound to be quite a hit. And now a big holiday. Wonderful photos and enjoy every minute.