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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Enjoying the summer weather

I’ve been tying thread ends this afternoon and sewing them in.  Now that doesn’t sound very exciting, does it?  Actually, it’s been rather pleasant, and restful, sitting outside in the shade of the sun umbrella, with a cold drink at hand.  There’s a gentle breeze, the song of birds chirping, the occasional hum of traffic over the back fence.

Enjoying the warm summer weather

But………I’ve got a little problem and hope someone will know the answer.   I’ve had to remove a few applique pieces, stuck down with Steam-a-Seam, which I had ironed.  Now I have a couple of sticky white patches from the adhesive.  Does anyone know how to safely remove this sticky mess?  I had thought that perhaps I could place my applique mat over top, then press with my iron, and maybe that might make the gunk easier to scrape off.  Or maybe there is some solution I could dab on.  Any ideas will be very much appreciated.

Our elderly cat Muffy wants nothing more than to keep up close and personal to one or other of us.  Presently she is squashed up on my lap against the table as I’m blogging.  It can’t be terribly comfy for her, as she keeps slipping and sliding, and I have to readjust her legs.  But she is determined that this is the place she wants to be right at this moment, and that’s where she is staying, squashed up or not!  At her age, we feel she can have what she likes, anything to keep her happy – and quiet!  Senile vocalisation can get rather trying!

Muffy is helping with blogging


Nancy J said...

Jenny, have you tried it on a patch of spare fabric, and use meths?I know the odd time it has happened on my ironing board, it peels off the non-stick cover, but that is so different. Another hot day up hare, and all is well.

Janice said...

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Sorry I can't help with tricky residue. Let us know if you find a solution.

Kate said...

Perhaps try removing it with your hot iron by putting the iron right on the stickum - will make a mess of your iron but that mess should be removable. I've learned that to remove hot glue to use the hot glue gun (sans glue) and it works so perhaps the same idea will work with the iron. It will be interesting to learn what actually works for you.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Muffy is a little dear. I feel especially tender towards pets when they get elderly so I know what you mean. Can't help with your sticky situation, lol, but you do look the picture of ease and comfort there in the shade.

Annette said...

Have you tried removing your sticky patch with some Eucalyptus oil, try on a piece of fabric first but it gets chewing gum off fabric...or try freezing your fabric and it might peel off!.....good luck 😀