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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A lovely Surprise

It’s the last day of our tripping around today and we stayed for the night at Norsewood. After yet another leisurely breakfast, (and why not, we are on holiday after all) we were starting to tidy up the caravan, and make preparations for the last part of our drive home.  Press all the “locking” buttons on our drawers, put things away securely, shut the windows, wind up the caravan legs, all that sort of thing.  Then a car pulled up, and who should get out but Felicity, who lives in nearby Ormandville. 

Jenny and Felicity 

Feliclity is a quilter too, and had been reading our Romany Rambler blog about our recent adventures in her neck of the woods, so decided to come for a visit.  We meet up from time to time at quilt shows, so it was lovely to see her again.  There is always plenty to chat about with a fellow quilter, isn’t there?  And I really appreciate her taking the time to pop by to say “Hello” to us. 

We arrived home safely after traversing the Manawatu Gorge.  I really dislike that piece of road and always let out a sigh of relief when we are safely through.  But I think I’ll be better off not dwelling on the Gorge too much, nothing has happened to me while we have been driving through, it’s just that it does seem to have quite a number of rock falls from time to time.  I have a fear of a rock fall sweeping the car, caravan and us over the edge of the road and into the gorge below.  Perhaps I can think calm thoughts instead.

The caravan has been unpacked, and the first of several loads of washing done and hanging out in the sunshine. As well as the usual sort of laundry, I also have to wash the duvet cover and the quilt.  Don’t ask – we have an elderly cat who gets an upset tummy, enough said!

So what shall I do tomorrow?  More washing, it goes without saying.  Then perhaps I should pack the Christmas things away.  Do hope I can squeeze a little sewing time in – I’ll see how it goes.


Maria said...

How nice to meet a fellow quilter no camper... Hope all the washing is done and you got to stitched...

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What a lovely caravaning holiday. I'm envious. As you are taking your clothes off the line, I'm here putting another log on the fire and whisking a pot of hot chocolate! Our planet is miraculous!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

What a lovely treat to get to meet up with another quilter, and for all the scary road, it does look like a beautiful spot!