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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bye Bye, Santa and friends

The house has been de-cluttered of Christmas – it’s all been packed away.  Back into the crates went Jingle Bell Santa and his various Santa cousins.  My precious Jim Shore figurines were carefully wrapped up, placed into a carton, then packed into a plastic crate.  The Christmas wall-hangings have been rolled up, and once again I realised that I have more small quilts than places to hang them.  Our previous home had more wall space than here, so I will have to remember to rotate them next year, so they all get a turn to show their beauty.  The flashing lights were unhooked from above the sitting room window, and my pretty snowy village scene is safely back in it’s box.  Then one by one, the plastic crates containing my Christmas goodies, (not a huge number, I only have four) were man-handled up the narrow drop-down wooden stairs to our loft storage area, till next year.

That's it till next year, Santa and Santa

With Christmas packed away, back went everything else which had been cleared away.  Such as this photo from many years ago, which shows Robin and I the night we announced to our friends that we had just decided to get married.  Please note – not a grey hair to be seen!  But then, it was 32 years ago.

Way back when

With that job out of the way, I finally got to sit down at my sewing machine for a wee while. But not to start a brand new project, or even to work on one of my various UFOs.  I had to attend to a little mending, repairing a worn pocket on a pair of Robin’s summer shorts.  How is that for wifely devotion?

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Nancy J said...

My total decoration was some pine tree fronds, in a small wooden tray, with a few gold and red balls. And, that has gone, the fronds out into the garden, and others in a box for next year. I have sewing too, but not a deadline to meet. This year I might give those challenges a miss. and seeing that my Batik Stash is very depleted, some serious spending would have to be done to even think about another quilt.