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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sew Wot Tuesday again

The last two weeks went by very quickly, and yesterday was Sew Wot Tuesday again.  This time we met at Rae’s home, and little Rosie was so excited with all the ladies arriving.  She ran around and barked, then once we had settled down in comfy seats, she went around everyone to sniff and greet them.  Rosie was then banished out on the deck, and looked longingly through the window.  Surely some of these visitors might want to play with her, she seemed to be thinking.

P2170053 Rosie wanted to come and play inside

Everyone made it to our stitching morning and while we all worked away at our various projects, we were treated to a good lot of “Show and Tell”.  Pam, together with the ladies from her Thimbelina group, makes quilts for Ronald McDonald House, and brought along the latest creation.  It was very easy to put together, she said, and made with a wedge ruler.  The blocks certainly look quite complicated, and very effective indeed.

P2170049 Pam with her quilt for Ronald McDonald House

Moira was still working steadily hand appliquéing blocks for her 1718 Coverlet Quilt.  She is not in the least bit daunted by all the work in this historic quilt she will be reproducing.

P2170056 Moira doing hand appliqué

Helen always likes to keep busy too, and was finishing off a blouse she was making for her sister.  Such lovely summery fabric, it looks very pretty.  And I had to thank Helen for leaving me a big bag of grapefruit in the letter box the other weekend while we were away in the caravan.  We arrived home to find the mystery bag of grapefruit, and I had no idea where they came from.  That didn’t stop me from eating them, though.

P2170055 Blouse for Helen’s sister

Mary had a wonderful Op Shop find – a gorgeous linen tablecloth which was partly embroidered.  Mary loves this sort of handwork, so she did a beautiful crotchet edging first.  Now she is happily finishing off the embroidery. 


Mary’s Op Shop find

Heather was working away on her hexagons, but doesn’t like her work photographed.  Then she gave us all a gift – an early birthday gift for each of us.  Over the Christmas break she had made each and every one of the Sew Wots a little sewing bag, all different, and packed with goodies inside, such as cotton and needles.  What a lovely surprise, and this is what my one looks like.  Thank you so much, Heather.

P2180059 My pretty little sewing bag from Heather

Former member Carol came to our meeting too.  After spending several years touring the country in a campervan with her husband, they have now given up “life on the road” and settled down again to living in a house.  Carol brought along a very pretty quilt top to show what she had made while living on the road.


P2170052 Carol’s embroidered quilt

Our hostess Rae was doing something quite different.  She was knitting soft “boobs” for the Cancer Society.  These will be offered to ladies who had lost a breast and don’t want to undergo another operation for breast reconstruction.  Knitted in soft wool, and lightly padded, they come in all sizes and are soft to wear next to the skin.  Read about the project here.

P2170054 Rae’s knitted boobs

And what was I doing, besides talking and taking photos?  Not very much, I’m afraid to say – just a little work on my stitchery.  It’s almost finished, so I really should get on with it.  It was another great morning with the Sew Wot ladies, and sadly I won’t be able to attend the next fortnightly get-together.  But never mind – there is something exciting happening that day.  I’ll share it with you later on.

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NickiJ said...

I really loved the wedge ruler block quilt, quite an eye popper. Is the pattern for sale anywhere?