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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Eeek – save me from big spiders

Big spiders and moths are sure to upset me.  I know they can’t hurt me – but that is not the point, is it?  I can’t abide a big moth fluttering around my head, but little ones don’t bother me.  And as for big spiders, the thought of all those legs walking over me – ugggh!  I’m sure that’s what happened last night.  There I was, safely tucked up in bed, reading my library book.  What’s that, I thought, it felt like little tiny legs walking around my neck.  I sat up in bed, as quick as a flash, and checked the sheets and pillows for any furry little bodies.  But there was nothing to be seen, so after a little more reading I settled down to sleep.

But there had been something there all the time.  I didn’t discover it till I picked up my clothing the next morning to put into the washing machine, when out dropped a horrible big spider!  Ahhh – I couldn’t let it get away, then it would be free to come out again and walk all over me in the night.  Robin was taking a shower so I ran to the kitchen, got a glass, and dropped it over the spider.  There – try to get away from there, you monster!

Muffy decided to see what all the fuss was about and sat down by the upside down glass on the carpet.  She was taking quite an interest.  Perhaps she could see all those little legs wiggling as the spider tried to find a way out.

P2250018 What’s in there?

Robin’s job, when he emerged fresh and clean from the shower, was to do his husbandly duty and get rid of that big spider.  He didn’t think it was that big, but being a good husband, had to humour me and dispose of it.  After all, we can’t have an upturned glass sitting on the carpet for days on end, can we?  So he slipped some newspaper under the glass, opened the door and took it all outside where the spider was released.  If he had been wearing shoes, he told me, he would have squashed it on the grass.  But not with bare tootsies.

P2250020 The old newspaper under the glass trick

Thank goodness the crisis is all over.  I’ll be able to rest easy in bed tonight.  And it’s not as if I’m a real scaredy cat.  I’m not scared of mice, or bees, or even wasps. But rats would be a different matter, along with big fluttering moths and big hairy spiders!

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NickiJ said...

I loved your cats keen interest in all the to-do!