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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lunch and Quilts with Shirley

Come to lunch, Shirley and Lewis invited us, together with our mutual friends Robyn and Barrie.  We couldn’t turn down an invitation like that, could we?  Lunch was delicious.  Chicken and various salads, including Lewis's famous Canadian Potatoe Salad.  And to finish off our meal, Shirley brought in a wonderful trifle – so yummy.  While the blokes were doing a little “male bonding”  the three ladies retired to the sewing room to check out some quilts.  This is her latest creation, all made from stash fabrics, Shirley proudly announced.  The pattern came from her book “Pairing Up – 2 block quilts”, by Nancy Mahoney.

P2130014 Shirley’s new quilt

She had recently made two new cushions for the settee in the sewing room.  These handsome cushions were made panels purchased a while ago, from a trip to Canada, I believe.  You don’t want to take my photo, she is saying. 

P2130018Shirley and her owl cushion

P2130017Check out this cute wall-hanging

My friend Shirley is multi-talented and does beautiful paintings too – a talent I certainly don’t have

A couple of Shirley’s paintings

We rejoined the men and spent the afternoon reminiscing about our younger days.  Believe it or not, but many years ago when we were all so much younger, Shirley, Lewis, Robin and I spent several days walking the famous Milford Track together.  The walk was hard going at times, but what a sense of achievement we all had when we had completed it.  Those were the days!

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