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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sew Wot Tuesday

Tuesday saw the Sew Wot ladies come calling, it was my turn to play hostess.  We needed something savoury to go with our morning tea so I got up bright and early.  It didn’t take too long to whip up a batch of cheese muffins, and once again as I broke two eggs into the bowl, they both had double yolks.  That always makes me smile. 

 It was a nice morning, plenty of chatting, and a little stitching was done too. Heather was working on some shadow appliqué blocks, in a vain effort to use up multitude of fabric.  It will never happen, Heather, I felt like telling her.  We never seem to get to the end of our fabric collection, do we?   What’s old is new again, it seems, as most of us had done some shadow appliqué in the past.  Including me – I remember fusing a big white goose on a  bright yellow background, then adding the organza layer over the top and stitching through all the layers.  Goodness knows whatever happened to that, perhaps it found a new home in the Op Shop when we were packing up to move house.

Rae and Moira worked on their hand stitching, and we all checked out a couple of new magazines as they were passed around the group.

P9160028 Rae and Moira with their heads down

Mary had a lovely new project that she had recently started.  Here she is hiding behind the start of her Chocolate Roses wall-hanging, purchased as a kit.  It’s going to be beautiful, Mary does such lovely work.

P9160026 Mary with her new project


Pam was not as shy as Mary and was quite happy to have her photo taken as she worked on her colourful crocheted rug.  She’s going to take it into the rest home, she joked.  Not for many more years, we hope.

P9160025 Pam’s planning ahead

I just had time to do a few rows of knitting, this is the little kiddies jumper I had to unravel and start again on a smaller size as I was running out of wool.  Never mind, I’ll get there in the end.  It was lovely to catch up with the ladies again and see what they were all working on.


Bev C said...

Hello Jenny,

Some great projects, love the chocolate and roses quilt. Your chooks must be very healthy providing you with double yokes.

Happy days.

Nancy J said...

magazines, hand stitching, roses so beautiful, and crochet bright enough to gladden a heart on a dull day, what a wonderful morning together. Cheers,Jean